"My Own Way": Red Line Blues is 1 year old but I still have Teen Angst

 One year ago I “Pulled A Beyoncé” and dropped Red Line Blues as a surprise.  To thank everyone for their support, here's a new tune called "My Own Way".  I suggest playing it loud.  ;)

The idea for "My Own Way" came to me in a very unlikely place: my high school's cafeteria.  (What, that doesn't suggest eau de glamour to you?!)  I had bravely returned to good ol' Boston Latin to volunteer as a mentor to current students interested in the arts.  While the day was super rewarding, it forced me to remember some teenage memories that the only good thing about was that they were old!  I've got at least as many embarrassing stories as anyone, but speaking with teens who were both attracted to and nervous about a career in the arts made me all the more certain about going for what you want in life.  Some of my peers back in the day probably thought I was crazy or that I'd just end up becoming a degenerate in addition to a weirdo, yet here I am. 

Best wishes to all new grads and the Class of 2016!

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