We all have the Red Line Blues... but pizza helps

A historic winter.  Fire and brimstone- being used to clear the subway tracks no less.  Snowzilla vs. the third rail.  We are building some character up in this joint for sure...
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Hello Party People!

I hope you've all been well since I last said hello.  I now have the pleasure of telling you the band and I have finally gotten our CD Release Party footage online.  You can watch our full…

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Red Line Blues is one month old and now on iTunes!

In honor of Red Line Blues turning one month old, I've made a collage about its journey, which mostly in a loop.  It is the subway we're talking about here!  Ba-dum-TSH!

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I can fit my life's work in one envelope

A slightly terrifying thought, but fairly convenient.  This is my odd way of thanking everyone who was kind enough to vote for me to perform on the E! TV show "Opening Act".  I greatly appreciate the time it took for…

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Music played on 100th station!

Alright, this blog is pretty special. ;)

Just last week I celebrated a very special anniversary: my music turning 100. Yes, I know, my music seems like it's practically a teenager, or at least an semi-dramatic undergrad a la Felicity…

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