NECN's Morning Show will feature my music tomorrow (Tues, 3/19)!

I am emerging from the land of green fog, also known as the day after St. Patrick's in Southie, to let you know I was selected as the "Best of Local Music Feature" for tomorrow's NECN's Morning Show.  My songs "Just Rain" and "The Fantasy Me" will be aired sometime between 7-9 AM.  If you live in New England and have cable, please check your local listings and set your DVR or VCR.  (It's channel 6 in Downtown Boston.)  I hope you'll be able to tune in and catch a tune or two!

The airing is a nice treat since I'm waist-deep in recording new material.  It's an excuse to come up for air from my GarageBand indentured servitude- I mean the miraculous world of new technology available to musicians.  Sure.  ;)

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