New Album 69% funded in 6 days!

Good morning Day Six! We are under 1 week into our 2 month campaign and have already raised 69% of the funding we need. I can't wait to share the new record with everyone in March and send out thank you gifts.

To join us in the campaign to fund my new album and donate a potion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society, go to

New Album 47% funded in 3 days!

47% funded in 3 days!

Hello Day Three! We are already 47% to our funding goal. I can't believe we are almost halfway there and it hasn't even been half a week yet. You guys are truly the best. I'll start emailing out my Songs from Dance Moms EP later today so you'll have some warm tunes for this frozen weekend. <3

To join us in the campaign to fund my new album and donate a potion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society, go to


Lauren singing at a show

Hey guys,

It's my honor to tell you FIRST that I will be releasing a new full length album in the spring of 2017. This will be my first full length release since 2009. It documents a challenging journey I have kept private until now.

In March 2016, exactly 10 years to the day after my first album release, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Both the treatment and the cancer risked my singing voice. It was a terrifying decision to have to make and my world stopped. I had been working on this album but suddenly couldn't focus. I decided to have surgery just 31 days after my diagnosis to regain my physical and mental health.

It was a complete success and I am so proud to say my singing voice and health have perfectly recovered. As I began rebuilding my life, I saw things differently. I let my world stop again and reassembled my life in the ways that now felt right.

And then I hit the studio with a vengeance.

The 15 track album, called Let The World Stop, is divided into three acts: life, death and rebirth. It's designed to help anyone who is going through a tough time, needs inspiration or just wants to feel something. I've set up a fundraising campaign that enables YOU to get YOUR NAME on my liner notes and receive other cool thank you presents. I'll also be donating a portion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

You can check out the campaign here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your past support. I hope we can all work together to make this new record the best it can be and give back.

With love,


"GhostTown" gets a Nightcore remix

Dance Moms Dancer

One of the coolest things about having a song on a show that's so popular with a young fanbase is learning what else that fanbase is into. Yesterday I not only learned that someone had made a nightcore remix of my song, I also (frankly) learned what nightcore is! Originally created in Norway, nightcore is a regular recording sped up and often accompanied by manga or anime. It's a deliberately electronic/manipulated sound which is ironic since I swore I'd only work on acoustic music this week. Whoops! ;)

Say Yes To The Dress said yes to my song ;)

Say Yes To The Dress logo

I'm proud to say my song "Take Me Home" was used on Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta... when she said yes to the dress!

Picking out the right wedding dress often comes down to trusting your instincts and in a way, this song did too. I wrote "Take Me Home" after an inspiring but overwhelming trip to LA where I was fortunate enough to meet with several people in the industry about my music. (Having someone say a few kind words about your work while overlooking the Hollywood Hills is not exactly a low point in your life!) I came back full of ideas, suggestions and more options than I could sort through. Ultimately, I decided to strip this song down to its basics and take a risk with an unplugged pop ballad.

Looks like I got it right! ;)

Hometown gig this Sunday 8/21!

I’m happy to announce I’m (finally) playing another hometown gig this week! I’ll be performing at Outpost 168 in Cambridge, MA this Sunday (8/21). I’ll be busting out some oldies but goodies with some excellent local ladies that rock, including my recent collaborator Lydia Marsala Primate (of Br1ght Pr1mate) and Leah Driscoll (Billboard Charting singer/songwriter of the hit dance single “If This Is Love”).

It’s an early show starting at 6:30 and advance tickets can be purchased at

Outpost is a super intimate venue so advance tickets are suggested since it could sell out easily!

On WEMF Radio tomorrow (6/28) & new song!

I'll be a guest on WEMF's "Sterlingtology" radio show tomorrow afternoon between 11 AM- 1PM. We'll be discussing local music, rock & roll influences, what we've been up to and I'll probably get the chance to plug my new song.

If you'd like an early sneak peak of my newest song, called "Shame" (co-written with Lydia Marsala Primate of the renown chiptune music duo Bright Primate) check it out here:

P.S. After much deliberation I've decided to give bandcamp another try. There is so much speculation about iTunes ceasing downloads that I wanted to give my fans and kind supporters another way to download music. But you bet I'll be making sure all the monetary transactions are done just right!

New Song on International Womens' Day

Because consent is the sexiest thing of all, I'm dropping a new song for #InternationalWomensDay: "“True love with no demands/Freedom and no commands/Safe with you every night/Only love no need to fight”.

Stream at


What I Did On My CMJ Vacation

I’m back from a week in NYC at the CMJ music business conference with lots of stories to share with you and any “music people” in your life. Aside from girls’ drinks overlooking the Empire State Building, pizza at Grimaldi’s and an afternoon trip to take a few shots of Lady Liberty, there was still plenty of time to hit the pavement.

I learned so much I made my first vlog. It’s a three part series about CMJ as well as how to rock any creative event, even if you have to fake it till you make it. (Trust me, I know a LOT about that!) I even made a few predictions about where the music industry is headed. Bet you a NY pie that I’m right (at least some of the time!)

To watch me discuss streaming, online music profiles, fanbases and do’s and don’ts check out

Again, I’ve never vlogged before, so let me know your thoughts!

"Ghost Town" reaches South Africa (and why it takes 31 cents to make me cry)

Every artist wants to make a difference. If someone doesn’t want that, they aren’t really an artist. They’re some weird larger than life combination of hairspray, slick moves and knowing just the right people. A strong breeze could blow them over because they don’t really stand for anything. Somewhere in the middle of rehearsals, driving to gigs, booking contracts and constantly doing far more logistical work than we ever envisioned, it is very easy to feel like anything but an artist.

That’s why it’s extra special when something you created seems to have a personal impact on the people affected by it. Royalty checks and re-bookings are nice, but this is what you live for. I’ve been blessed with such a special moment I would like to share with you.

My song “Ghost Town” was used on an episode of last season’s Dance Moms on Lifetime. It aired for 2 million people in the US (about 1.999 million more than my gigs are usually for, so let’s just say it was pretty awesome!) Fan videos, downloads and streaming royalties have followed, but what I’m most excited about paid exactly 31 cents:

My first sale in South Africa.

Why the heck does this matter when it doesn’t even round up to a buck? Because I somehow managed to get a relatively political song onto a mainstream TV show that was later re-broadcast in a country once known for apartheid. The dance routine set to the song was called “They Don’t Want My Kind Around” and portrayed a fallen angel of sorts that society had devalued. And someone in another part of the world was moved by it. I will always be thankful to the show for helping me be part of an artistic moment that will hopefully empower underdogs well… everywhere!

 You can watch Lifetime’s clip here:

Or check out this moving fan video of a home dance clip from the US:

And remember: when you dream… dream BIG.

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