New music alert!


New music alert! I made an EP of instrumental piano music called "Drama Queen". You can check it out here!


Let The World Stop is coming to you!


CD, album art, postage receipt, donation receipt

Let The World Stop is now on iTunes, Spotify and in the mail to everyone who ordered a physical CD! Because of your generosity, we were able to donate 20% of the campaign to the American Cancer Society. Most of the costs such as mastering, album art and crowdfunding fees were one-time-only so later contributions may be possible as well. 

Thank you again for letting me have this incredible journey and give back.


Let The World Stop is here!


One year ago today I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Both the cancer and its cure risked my singing voice. Now my new album about my journey is live at

It will be on iTunes and Spotify next week.


Album cover (Lauren onstage with guitar)


New Album Campaign Ends 159% Funded!


159% funded text over Lauren playing guitar

Hello Valentines,

We completed our campaign on Sunday night a whopping 159% funded. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me organize the campaign and everyone who supported it. We've definitely earned some holiday candy!

It's still possible to pre-order the album (and get perks) from

I'll be in touch when the record and rewards are ready (approximately 3/24). <3


"BOLD" Official Video Now Live


Here is the premiere of my third and final campaign video. It's a lyric video for my new song Bold (teased in earlier videos). The video tells the story behind Let The World Stop, from the stage to the recording studio, operating room and ultimately the newsstand (along with a special shout-out to this campaign).

While I'm proud to share the video, it feels bittersweet to post the final part of the campaign. Thank you again for all of your support. This has been an amazing experience and I can't wait to share the finished product (and swag!) with you around late March.

Join our campaign at

by February 12th, 2017 to get your name in the album's Thank You section. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


New Album 141% funded!


11 days countdown graphic

We've got 11 days to go and are 141% funded! I'm now working on my final campaign video: a lyric video debut of my new song "Bold" (previously heard in snippets during my other campaign videos).

Here's to the home stretch (and all the edits I have to do in the meantime)! Anyone want to bet if my next post will happen at 4 AM and make just a little bit less sense? ;)

Join us at


New Album On Metro Cover


Lauren on newspaper cover with bus in background

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off.

My new album is featured on the cover of today's Boston Metro. I am so honored and honestly couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you SO much for your support.

You can read the full article here:

Join us at


New campaign thank you video now live!


Drum roll please...

I'm psyched to share my new campaign video with you! It's a thank you for all supporters, and a bit of a roast of what the music industry can feel like without friends.

Sorry it's a few minutes late. I had a phone interview with a reporter this morning! ;)

You can still join us at


New Album 118% funded!


Lauren and co-star behind the scenes of fundraising video outside coffeeshop

Hello week 3! We are 118% funded with six weeks to go!

I'm now editing our follow-up video. Here's a pic from behind the scenes. It wasn't easy to find a corner of Boston that could pass for Los Angeles in January, but we managed to find one... then we stopped by Dunkie's to celebrate. <3

You can still join us at


New Album 111% funded!


Filming and music equipment

Heya week 2! Contributions have continued and we're now 111% funded!

I'm starting to film a follow-up video. I had to do some re-writes since we met our goal so quickly!

You can still join us at: